We designed Penny Blooms&Beans Studio like the honey bees design their hives. There is always the season’s best fresh flowers and a lovely collection of hand-tied bouquets in the floral cooler. Order before 14:00 for same day delivery as they are the favorites of the locals so we run out of them in the afternoons.

The season’s favorite flowers are always accompanied by the best quality roses and foliage on the indoor display. There is always a surprise floral design inside on the round tables or on counters.

Sometimes it’s the season’s best flowers, sometimes it’s the callas, or vanda orchids or maybe even succulents. All of these details are accompanied by the signature Penny candle lit inside. Come in and enjoy the scents and the poetry of visual design with us.


132-134 Lots Road, LONDON, SW10 0RJ
P: +44 (0) 207 3497850

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