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Our flowers come from local growers and the Netherlands. They are on display in our floral cooler in their best conditions.
Our weekly flower orders from abroad come to our studio three days a week and our local order are delivered 2 days a week. Please let us know of your special orders a week prior to your desired delivery date so we can make sure we have your choice of flowers and colours of flowers for that special day.
We provide very fresh, seasonal flowers. As stated in our website in many different areas, at the time of purchase, if the season or market does not yield a particular flower shown, we will replace that flower with another lovely flower of alike in colour, size and price.
Every piece you get from Penny has a watering/care instructions. Please refer to them, or basically refer to the four steps to fresh flower care: – Change the water every other day. – Keep the water level at the top of the vase – up to the leaves, not touching the leaves. – Give them a fresh cut every other day. – Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, heat and direct air-conditioning.
Penny delivers boutique designed flowers all around London. Also through its international chain of boutique flower houses Penny can deliver your desired flowers to your loved ones all around the world. Just make sure you kindly place your order with Penny 2 days in advance to overcome the time differences.
We offer wedding consultations from A to Z. For more information or to set your first meeting, please fill in the form from contact menu of the home page.
Orchids thrive in a damp, humid and a filtered-light environment. It is best if you fill the orchid’s vase with room temperature water and leave it for 15-30 mins for once in winter or twice a week in summer. Then rinse it thoroughly. It is best if you do this in the mornings so that they can use the day light and warmth to turn into the humid they love.
hey thrive in loose, sandy soil, with a touch of humidity and dew. To care for them, let them dry out almost completely (but not completely) in between watering days and pluck any dying leaves. Water lightly and take note how quickly the soil dries out based on its location in your home, ie., filtered sunlight vs. full sunlight. Repeat watering weekly or every other week. You must get to know the space in which you place your succulents and allow them to adjust to their new environment. Succulents do enjoy lots of filtered sunlight but during our hotter days/seasons, do not leave outside as they might burn in the dry summer heat.
To learn how to care for your plants you can check the watering/care tag Penny provides you when you get your plants.
Besides our group workshops you can request workshops with your own group of friends/colleagues or on your own time as private lessons. Just give us a call or email us to arrange your desired workshop for you.
Yes, we do offer same day delivery Monday through Saturday if the order is placed before 3pm. Please call the studio or email us flowers@pennybb.com to place your same day delivery order.
In the heart of Chelsea. 132-134 Lots Road, LONDON, SW10 0RJ, UK For your convenience, Penny is registered on Google Maps.

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